Mailed Offers

Thank you for considering our purchase offer. At Slaton Resources, our main goal is to make fair offers that actually make sense to mineral and royalty owners - We won’t just waste your time. If you feel we may have overlooked an important factor when calculating your offer, please let us know at 1-844-4-SLATON, extension 5.


  1. To accept an offer, please sign the Offer Letter and return to the address listed at the bottom of the letter. Alternatively, the signed Offer Letter can be emailed to
  2. Once we are in receipt of your signed offer letter, our title agents begin confirming your legal title by examining the title records of the County Clerk, if we have not done so already. (Title examination typically takes 1- 2 business days).
  3. During the title examination process, we will contact you to answer any questions, discuss your preferred method of payment (Wire / Cashier’s Check / Business Check) and schedule the signing of the Mineral/Royalty Deed. To see an example of our standard Mineral/Royalty Deed, please click here.
  4. Once your title is confirmed, Slaton will overnight your check, along with two copies of the Mineral and Royalty Deed and instructions for returning an originally executed copy back to us. In some cases, we may have agents available to deliver your check in person.

For more information, please contact us at 1-844-4-SLATON, extension 5.


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