At some point, most interest owners realize that royalty management is a lot more complicated than anticipated. Without significant experience, making prudent decisions can seem overwhelming. What lease terms are crucial? What bonus amount is fair? Should you sign a ratification? Are your division orders accurate? If you can't answer any of these questions, chances are you aren't maximizing the earning potential of your assets. With Slaton Mineral Management, we've got you covered 24/7/365.

Lease Monitor

Free /pre-production

No Additional Fees

Do you already have an existing lease on currently non-producing acreage? Our experts will monitor all aspects of your existing lease and work with the operator to ascertain potential development plans. Upon completion of a successful well by the operator, clients will have the option of migrating to our Slaton ManageMax Plan.

  • Free Lease Analysis Report
  • Free Monitoring of Lease Provisions to assure operator compliance
  • Free Well Permit Monitoring
  • Free Production Reports on surrounding leaseholds
  • Free curative document review (Limited to one document per client pre-production)

Lease Negotiation

1% - 10% /Upon successful lease

No Additional Fees

Initial lease negotiation is crucial to the ultimate productivity of your properties. Our Negotiation Professionals have negotiated 1000's of leases, and are experts on the complex terms that govern modern oil and gas contracts. Maximize your property from the start with Slaton Lease Negotiation.
(Fee is a percentage of lease bonus based on net leased acreage. Fee only due upon successful lease execution)

  • Free Market Analysis Report
  • Free Lease Promotion to Operators
  • Free Mineral Ownership Report
  • Expert Lease Term Negotiation
  • Maximum Bonus/Royalty guarantee
  • Free Lease Monitoring (See Lease Monitor)

Slaton ManageMax

1% - 5% /based on net royalty

$325 Setup Fee

Our management service includes unlimited access to nearly unlimited services. It's like having your own personal landman at your disposal 24/7/365! Every service related to the management of your interest is covered and included. (Percentage Fee based on monthly net royalties)

  • All Lease Negotiation Services Included (see left)
  • All Lease Monitoring Services Included (see left)
  • Royalty Payment Monitoring and Reporting
  • Property Tax Monitoring and Reporting
  • Title Runsheet Report Included
  • Unlimited Document Review
  • Division Order Reporting & Verification
  • Online Account Access